"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths"


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My name is Magdalena Krzyzanowska-Celmer*, originally from Poland, currently residing in Shanghai (China); traveller and insightful observer, passionate about people and cultures.

As a business person, I have been HR Director for the recent15 years accountable for HR lead in various countries. I come from manufacturing industry which provides a great reservoir of various people’s types, professions, backgrounds and interests which matters for those who want to discover and experience diversity of all types.  I lived in Warsaw (Poland), Paris (France) and now I live in Shanghai (China) with my husband and 6 years old daughter - Olga.

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This website says my Asian experiences where I am a newcomer and still have a fresh eye. I will portrait my observations through different media such as: interviews with interesting people I met, photos, reportages on places I visited and events I participated in. I hope you will have a better feel of Asia (Shanghai, China in particular) and of the people’s way around here while reading my stories. Please, help me to make this site more interesting by asking questions and commenting on my writing, photos, interviews. If you are particularly interested in some subjects, please drop me a note and I will see how I can provide more information on the topic concerned.

My native language is Polish thus some of the texts and interviews (with Poles) will be held in Polish whereas any others in English.  However, any Polish texts will be either translated into English or at least summarised in English (if possible).

Please, contact me for any inquiries:


Mobile Asia: +86 138 1833 2474

Mobile Europe: +48 504 669 556

Magdalena Krzyzanowska-Celmer

Founder of Ducopoint consulting (www.ducopoint.com), ICC coach (www.mkccoaching.com ), mentor, assessor, HR business practitioner with over 17-year industrial experience on various managerial and executive positions in the multinational organizations, graduated from PhD studies at SGH (Business College, Human Resources Management Faculty), English Philology (Philology Department, Wrocław Univeristy) and from various postgraduate studies („Business management”, Human Capital Management”, „Information management and PR”); certified ICC coach (International Certified Coach - http://www.iccpoland.pl/pl/baza_coachow/coach/pokaz/1163;), Certified Assessor in Assessment & Development Center (CAADC) and licensed Extended Disc practitioner. Currently, working on the PHD dissertation on leadership models &organisational cultures and student of China MBA at Jiao Tong University (Shanghai, China)