People and cultures! These are the key life motives of my stories, talks and interviews with people I meet every day. Since mid-November in Shanghai (China), the people and culture of the region are my major concepts of exploration. This starts from the everyday routines of everybody and ends up with the business reflections upon the leadership style people apply, the way they work and cooperate with peers, bosses and foreigner. I am trying to understand the world which is so different from our European standards and values.

Please, find my articles, stories and thoughts on things, concepts and phenomenon that either got my interest or I found like something I need to share with you. In this section you will find information on e.g. the concept of Ayi in China or car drivers. Surprised? Ayi is translated into the English word “maid” but might have so many variations in the way it is applied in China. A car driver is one of the most popular but also most important jobs for expats in the country where none except for the Chinese can drive a car.  

I will also present some of the places I have already visited via stories, short films coproduced with my daughter and photos. Enjoy!


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August 20, 2018

People’s Park blind date

People’s Park, near People’s Square, is not a regular Chinese park where you can enjoy only the beauty of nature. Every weekend it turns into the marriage fair – called People’s Park blind date spot. Parents bring their portable stools and unfold colourful umbrellas upon which they display their advertisements. Parents look for spouses for their children. Most of the “children” are unaware of the fact their parents look for the in-laws.

April 19, 2018

Tianzifang – a must go place to every visitor to Shanghai

Tianzifang known also as Taikang Road and Shanghai SOHO is a former residential and industrial area. It has been recently transformed into “cultural”, artsy and entertainment place with its enormous number of crafts workshops, pottery and silk scarfs shops, bars, design studios, galleries and boutiques.

February 17, 2018

Company car? or a company car with a driver?

I used to have a company car for the recent 20 years in Europe. Once we arrived at Shanghai (China), we were said to have a company car with a driver! My first thought was wow … what recognition! Then, I quickly figured out we were simply not allowed to drive in China. What is the problem with driving a car in Shanghai?

January 13, 2018

Everybody, not only families, have their “Ayis”

Our Ayi’s name is Flor! She is dark haired, comes from Anhui, always smiled and very friendly. She is a mother to the 17-year-old teenage ping pong player. She is a former accountant, secretary and a daughter of the parents who are retired teachers. Her husband is a transport fleet coordinator. They like outdoor activities during the weekends and sightseeing. She is my age !!!

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