People’s Park blind date

Park, near People’s Square, is not a regular Chinese park where you can enjoy only the beauty of nature. Every weekend it turns into the marriage fair – called People’s Park blind date spot. Parents bring their portable stools and unfold colourful umbrellas upon which they display their advertisements. Parents look for spouses for their children. Most of the “children” are unaware of the fact their parents look for the in-laws. A marriage matchmaking corner is well organised by residence of the potential new weds: Shanghai natives, new Shanghainese who have Hukou (residence granted after 5 years of living and working in Shangjai), other provinces and as said foreigners. The ads usually say the age, height, weight, education and other requirements such as e.g. an apartment in Shanghai (without mortgage), well paid job, few family members and no elderly people to take care of. The requirements are different for women and for men. This is odd for the stranger to walk among hundreds of unfolded umbrellas. None of the umbrellas however shows photos. While asked about success rate, parents say it is not high – around 1%. Yet, if you are in this 1%, you have 100% success! This shows how positive and optimistic Chinese people are which is really their innate nature.

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